Farm / Production
Animal Services

Farm / Production
Animal Services

We have a very experienced and dedicated team of vets and technicians available 24/7 to help you maximise your herd / flock production potential. Our history of working with local farmers for many years has resulted in strong client relationships based on trust and this is very important to us.

We are actively involved day to day in normal clinical work but our time is increasingly filled with such things as preventative programmes / compliance issues / animal health product advice and animal health plans etc. We are also becoming increasingly involved in lifestyle block work.

We stock a full range of all necessary restricted veterinary medicines as well as the normal over-the counter products all at very competitive prices.

Farm services can involve:

  • Hoof trimming / Lameness
  • Reproductive management
  • Pregnancy scanning / Aging
  • Mastitis treatment and prevention
  • Teatsealing / Dry cow admin
  • Dehorning / Disbudding
  • Animal Health plans / Welfarm / Disease prevention
  • Body Condition scoring
  • Trace element testing and nutritional advice
  • Ram soundness and B. ovis testing sheep
  • Velvet harvesting deer
  • Drench testing / advice

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